What is Reshare?

Reshare.pm is type of direct download generator, But the most important and difference between Reshare.pm and other mainstream direct download generator is we more concern about your data, privacy, and easiness, so you didn't need to login into our sites (unless you need to create or share your link), you just need to write down or paste the all supported file hosting url into our sites, and we will generate Reshare link that you can share to the other people.

Our Feature

How Reshare Works?

In short, We just doing any direct download files does, but without forcing people to login or even need to touch the "real files url"
that's mean that any visitor who come and download any link will be seeing our sites (Reshare.pm) with download button on it, so when they download, your real files won't be shown at all... this will make your files safe since they didn't know or can't see the real download link, and because of this, your link will be safe from any report or ban


Does my link will available everytime when people downloaded the files?
Of course, You link generated by Reshare will have smart scanning system to get direct download and served to the visitor who need to download the files. If some techical issue appear... pls contact us

Can my files get deleted by File Hosting?
Short Answer Yes and NO. this is depend how you using the link download from file hosting (anonfile, mediafire, etc), in best practice if you using only Reshare.pm to share your files, your files will never known to the public, and because of that, no one can report it to the file hosting and take down your files... But, if you using Reshare.pm along with sharing your "original link" to public, that original link can be reported and your files can be deleted by file hosting that we explain above...

Does all download also counted on my file hosting?
YUP :D All download also counted, example you using mediafire or solidfiles, if someone download the files once.. then on your mediafire or solidfiles dashboard will be match to your total download... this is crucial to services like zippyshare and other's that need you to download the files atleast once in 30 days, to prevent your files deleted automatically by them... so with this system, we will make things easier and simpler to you, tracking the files and generating direct download.

How long my files will be stored? is there any auto delete?
First things first, remember we don't store any your files in our server. we is just direct download provider, so example you had your files stored in mediafire. your files is still alive on mediafire, we just creating the direct download link from your mediafire link. so as long your files alive. they can be downloaded by reshare and served to your visitor.

How Reshare.pm keep alive and continue the services?
On past we run from some small donation, But now 2023, i decide to make the sites "self sufficient", by using 1 popup ads in download page, from december i already test this method and worked fine, the money can fund the sites itself so for now... i really sure this sites will be alive on it's own :D

Is Reshare Free?
YEP. You can register via registration form in homepage of the Reshare.pm or if the registration is closed. you can always contact me via contact page in this sites :)

Do you had paid services?
YEP, after the end of december 2022, i decide to make new role inside the normal users, it's "freemium" and "premium" in freemium, all your link will act like normal direct downloader, and on this case, i put 1 ads on it, on other hand, premium role is given to "donator" only, which they will automatically make all your link as "hotlink" for direct download, so all your visitor will not see any download page... if they click any Reshare link that you share, the files will be downloaded automatically.

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